2017 – a historic year for the Va’a! 

In 2015, the City of Pirae is selected by the International Va’a Federation to organize the 18th Va’a world Sprint championships. To realize this major project, the Local Organizing Committee is created the same year and will be driven by Reynald Temarii and Noelline Parker. With a solid international sporting experience, they will be able to boost and realize projects based on boldness and innovation.

The LOC quickly realize that after 36 years of existence, the IVF has to breathe new life into the international arena. In the tendency of the great open sea races, the committee proposes to the IVF to create an international long distance event. This is how, after 36 years of sprint reign, the first Va’a World Distance Championships will be created in Tahiti in 2017!

The year of records!

The results of the communication and prospecting activities, carried out in 2017 are confirmed by the following participation records:

  • 5 continents represented for the first time in the history of the IVF
  • 1st Asian Participation in the Va’a World Championships: Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore
  • 1st African participation in the Va’a World Championships: Morocco
  • 33 Countries engaged

A societal commitment:

Since 2015, the LOC has initiated a solidarity program called “Va’a No Te Ora” which aims to give everyone the opportunity to do va’a. At the heart of this project are two often forgotten audiences, priority neighborhoods and para-athletes.

Va’a no te Ora has brought together 2,600 beneficiaries since 2015:

  • 400 young people from the Young Adolescent Center (CJA)
  • 1650 beneficiaries from priority neighborhoods
  • 300 people with disabilities (motor and mental)
  • 250 corporate employees


An international reputation:


The promotion of Va’a and the destination of French Polynesia abroad were at the heart of the LOC’s concerns. The record of country participation is a sure indicator of success! One of the successes of the event lies in its international visibility. The partnership with TNTV has allowed the live streaming of all races! This 100% live stream in French and English was followed by 107 countries worldwide! 

From an economic point of view, the LOC has also been involved in the development of industry beyond French Polynesia. Indeed, the committee imposed specific characteristics at the time of its invitation to tender. Insubmersible for V6 and V1 and a two-block construction for V6. This last specificity had the objective to favor the export of the V6 made in Tahiti abroad.

In this dynamic, two “Va’a Worldwide 2026” seminars were organized in order to bring together the players of the Va’a economy (va’a, rowing, events, specialized media …) around a reflection on initiatives to export the discipline to the world.




Two international Va’a events

June 2017 – City of Pirae 

The 30th edition of Te Aito (June 22-25)

The 1st Va’a World Distance Championships (June 27-30).

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