5 things you may not have known about the world championships

  1. The biggest event in Polynesia since 1995

With more than 2000 athletes expected, coming from about thirty delegations, the 18th edition of the world championships of va’a vitesse is the biggest international sporting event organized in Tahiti since the Pacific Games of 1995. An important participation which counts more than 1500 foreigners, a godsend for the local tourism.

2. The participation counts a majority of… Women Paddlers!


And yes! In a sport that one would think dominated by men, the 2018 championships surprise us with 1028 women registered against 1019 men. A small advance certainly, but which offers a beautiful image of the place of the woman in the va’a at the international level.



3. The para va’a categories represent 17 world titles


The para va’a represents 1 quarter of the categories represented. Tahiti will be represented this year in each category, sometimes even by several athletes. The trend of participation follows the general trend of a massive confrontation between Tahiti and New Zealand.


4. 100% live TV and WEB finals

The media partner TNTV will broadcast up to 5 hours of live web and TV per day! Among this programming all the finals ! Another important element will be the live commentaries in 4 languages thanks to a partnership with Maori TV: French, English, Tahitian and Maori. Highlights of the competition in Spanish will be available at the end of the day.

5. Excluded” audiences will also have their moment of glory

As in 2017, a race called “Va’a no te Ora” will highlight people with mental disabilities who cannot compete for a world title. The big novelty of 2018 is undoubtedly the finals of the Va’a a Mata’eina’a Contest! This race created by the LOC will take place on 23 June and will bring together the districts of Tahiti and Moorea! Their finals will take place on July 19, first day of the championships live TV and web!