The presence of more than 1500 foreign athletes from 33 countries and the direct broadcast of these Championships around the world is an extraordinary opportunity for the LOC to promote Polynesian cultural wealth locally and internationally. Paddlers around the world did not choose this sport by accident and its cultural significance is at the center of their motivation. So they are, more than in other disciplines, looking for meaningful cultural exchanges.


The LOC wants athletes to leave with a strong and authentic experience that is based on hospitality, living culture and sharing. But also that locals can be proud of their heritage and share it across borders.


Sunday July 15th

Afternoon16h45-20h00: Opening ceremony (Fautaua Stadium)

  • Athletes’ Parade (Fautaua Stadium)
  • Traditional Ceremony (Central Field)
  • Dance shows (Central Terrain)
  • Official speeches (Official gallery)
  • Fire Dance (Central Field)
  • Flash Mob (Central Field)
  • Musical entertainment (Tribune)

Thursday 19 July

Morning07h00-07h30: Blessing of the va’a (Aorai Tini Hau Beach)

09h00-11h00: Environment Forum (Culture tent)

AfternoonUkulele workshop (Pirae City Hall tent)

Orero (Stage)

14h30-15h24: FIFO Le va’a dans les veines (Central stage)

Friday July 20th

Morning09h00-11h00: Language Preservation Forum (Culture tent)
AfternoonPoetry workshop (Culture tent)

Orero (Stage)

14h30-15h24: FIFO Te reo tumu (Central Stage)

Saturday 21 July

Morning09h00-11h00: Environment area (Culture tent)

Culinary preparation keukeu/kaaku (Pirae City Hall tent)

AfternoonPercussion performance & Marquisian dance (Pirae City Hall tent)

Orero (Stage)

16h40-16h52: FIFO Reef at Risk (Central stage)

Screening Moana (Culture tent)

Taupiti (Culture tent)

Sunday 22 July

Morning09h00-15h30: FIFO screening (Central stage)

Demonstration tifaifai & culinary preparation raw fish/ anara’a ha’ari (Pirae City Hall Tent)

Parade of pareo Tahiti Art Ma’ohi (Pirae City Hall marquee)

Tattoo demonstration (Pirae City Hall Tent)

AfternoonPercussion performance & Marquisian dance (Pirae City Hall marquee)

Massage demonstration (Pirae City Hall marquee)

Introduction to Tahitian dance (Pirae City Hall tent)

Wreath making & Painting workshop on pareo (Pirae City Hall capital)

Heiani Frebault and Art Ma’ohi dress and jewellery parade (Pirae City Hall marquee)

Orero (Stage)

Monday 23 July

Morning09h00-11h00: Forum Navigation traditionnelle (Chapiteau Culture)

Titiraina Workshop & Ancestral Navigation Training (Culture Tent)

AfternoonTattoo demonstration (Pirae City Hall Tent)

Orero (Stage)

17h15-18h07: FIFO Papa Mau (Central stage)

Tuesday 24 July

Morning09h00-11h00: Environment Space (Culture Stent)
AfternoonUkulele animation (Culture tent)

Demonstration of traditional massage (Pirae City Hall marquee)

Wednesday 25 July

Morning09h00-11h00: Culture and Technology Forum (Culture tent)

Wreath making (Pirae City Hall capital)

AfternoonIntroduction to Tahitian dance (Pirae City Hall tent)

Orero (Stage)

Thursday 26 July

Morning09h00-11h00: Environment Space (Culture Stent)
AfternoonOrero (Stage)

18h00-20h30: Closing ceremony (Fautaua Stadium)

© Tahiti Tourisme
© Tahiti Tourisme
© Tahiti Tourisme

Actions in favor of culture


The LOC, with the collaboration of the Museum of Tahiti and its Islands, will put in place an exhibition allowing the public, local and foreign, to become aware of the evolution of the va’a place in the Polynesian culture.
This project will partially resume the exhibition “Va’a, the Polynesian canoe” Tara Hiquily whose work can trace the history va’a from migratory settlements, navigation techniques and types of boats used. A second part will highlight the modern history of va’a and return on the great names that have marked the recent history of the va’a.


A cultural forum will also take place on the Fanzone. The gathering of several Pacific countries represents an exceptional opportunity to create a place of exchange around themes and issues facing our culture. The transmission of languages, heritage, environmental concerns are important issues for our society. This forum aims to feed the reflections around these themes.
The LOC will be pleased to highlight your actions on the cultural stand of the Fanzone during the Va’a World Sprint Championships in Tahiti.

Si vous souhaitez partager votre projet, vous pouvez contacter Haumata ici


Faced with today’s environmental challenges, the LOC is involved through its awareness program for the protection of the coastline, lagoons and rivers. Several actions will be implemented with the support of the environmental protection associations present in the area.
• Operation cleaning the lagoon; young beneficiaries of the Va’a no te Ora program will be associated with them as well as those of the LOC who intervene in the lagoon
• Reduction of waste production, recycling and reuse: donation of flask to athletes, introduction of duo-bac, composting of surplus meals,
• Training of volunteers in recicling.

This is how the LOC wishes to highlight the practice of va'a in a healthy environment.


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