CPS Challenge ! A hopeful second edition !

This Saturday March 17 took place the first CPS challenge regatta of the year! Many local companies have competed through this sporting events dedicated to va’a, sport and health.

Overmotivated participants:

            This first regatta was highly expected by the 342 registered participants! The employees finally had the opportunity to show the results of many months of training.

Discover in pictures the spirit of this day !

The Taaone Bay beach and the lake were overwhelmed by employees who enjoyed the day to practice Va’a. They have developed an extraordinary team spirit ! Everyone did their best to make their company win !

Original challenges:

            To win companies must collect points! The company which will total the maximum number of points at the end of all the races of 2018 will be declared winner!

Several factors are included in the accounting of points :

  • The number of kilos lost by the ambassador of each company.
  • The number of women on the va’a
  • Performance on the next 3 challenges
    • SPEED trial
    • Back to Back trial
    • Mystery Event -50m with a tire at the front of the va’a

These various challenges have been designed to test the competitors’ physique and they’re team spirit 

Highlights :

            That’s how, on that day, we saw an ambassador give their team up to 130 points! That’s 13 KG lost for the latter! We’ve also seen all-female crews ready to win everything ! And supporters have given strength to their “Aito” (valorous people) with their war screams and encouragement!


Next regatta planned for April 7th!