Formation A3. Towards obtaining the BAFA

In December 2016 the LOC organised, as part of its “Volunteer Programme”, a BAFA A1 session, the first level of animator training. One year after the committee enrolled 8 of these young people in session of deepening and qualification that is the A3.

Some had started as volunteers for the championships and others joined the committee. However, all have shown their willingness to evolve in the world of animation.

A notable feature of the training is a “va’a” option which is part of the LOC’s desire to develop access to the practice of “va’a” for the greatest number of people. The objective of the LOC is thus to offer volunteers a useful background for their post-event professional integration.

Characteristics of the training:

            The week-long training began with individual interviews and continued with an internship. During the latter, participants are evaluated on many aspects such as their ability to lead and propose activities adapted to their audience.

            To do this, the trainees went to the Heimanava Papa Nui centre in “Pirae”. A moment of sharing and emotion, very important for Noelline Parker, director of the course and former director of the LOC, to judge their ability to adapt to their audience.

Training and Practical : 

This Tuesday, April 17, the trainees were evaluated on their skills as animators and on their practical knowledge of Va’a. The opportunity for them to put into practice their various training (A1, A2, A3).           


Training is also based on self-evaluation. Everyone must be able to analyze his mistakes and identify what he needs to develop or improve, an essential criterion to be a responsible animator.   

Of the 6 members of the LOC to pass this last training, all have succeeded and are awarded a diploma! 


The A3 : The beginning of big projects : 

Interview with Moana CHAN :  Passionate about va’a, Moana joined the LOC as a volunteer in December 2016. After 6 months as a volunteer, he obtained a CAE. Since then, he has seized opportunities to share his passion. 

“The A3 is the last step before obtaining the BAFA, this training will allow me to be more autonomous when I supervise a group of people, I will also be more confident. I learned a lot during this training, which is why I want to put my knowledge into practice in holiday centres.

After the Championships, I would like to stay in the va’a world by coaching while sharing my passion”. 





Interview with Vaiata Pito : Volunteer at the World Va’a Marathon Championships, she had passed the A 1 thanks to the LOC.

“I am continuing this training to the end, because it is a real opportunity that the LOC has offered us. I like to get involved in associations, and even if I’m shy, I want to keep meeting new people. This training allows me to open myself to others, to express myself, to share…This training will allow me to work in schools or in holiday centres to animate activities around the va’a”.