« La Nouvelle Collection IVF Va’a est là ! »

The official collection of the 18th Va’a World Sprint Championships is available in stores since May 23rd.


It is at the heart of Polynesian life that the 2018 collection draws its source of inspiration with bright colours, tropical design and tattoos… The Tahiti Va’a 2018 LOC and its partner Kalea Design have worked on a brand new collection so that the population can dress in the colours of the world championships. Most of the sport range is in the shop: lycra, mesh T-shirt, paddle bag, microfibre towel, woman back swimmer… The clothes have been designed to please local rowers and sportsmen but also foreigners!

The collection has other surprises in store with a casual and fun range for everyday life that will be available in June: T-shirts, caps, leggings for women, etc.

You can find it in the official Kalea va’a shop in the city centre near Liberty!

Don’t hesitate, there won’t be enough for everyone!

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