On Saturday 17 May, Va’a competitions were held between the districts of Papeete and Arue in Paofai Park and Taaone Bay. Training or selection, these actions illustrate the enthusiasm of the municipalities for the new LOC event, the Va’a Mata’eina’a Contest.

Va’a Mata’eina’a Contest, an unprecedented competition !

Since the creation of the Va’a No Te Ora solidarity programme during the 1st Va’a – Marathon World Championships, the LOC has been committed to highlighting the priority districts of the city of Pirae.

In 2018, for the organisation of 18th IVF Va’a World Sprint Championchips the association wishes to be able to integrate all the municipalities of Tahiti and Moorea in the festivities of the Va’a World Championships. It is in this approach that the Va’a Mata’eina’a Contest is created, the first inter-communal competition dedicated to the priority districts of Tahiti and Moorea. Exceptionally, the 13 communes confirmed their participation: Arue, Fa’a’a, Mahina, Moorea, Paea, Papara, Papeete, Pirae, Punaauia, Taiarapu West, Taiarapu East and Teva I Uta.


Districts at the World Championships!

For the first time, neighbourhoods will have the opportunity to participate in a major competition and compete against each other at an event entirely dedicated to them. The races will take place at the same officiel venue as the World Championships

Cultural activities and concerts will also be organised on this day. Festive and colorful (each commune having the obligation to dress its crews in an official dress). Such a gathering on the water venue in Tahiti had probably not happened since the July holidays of yesteryear.

If the qualifying rounds take place on 23 June, the finals will take place on 19 July 2018, the first day of the World Championships and will be broadcast live by TNTV on TV and WEB. A unique opportunity for the districts to proudly represent their commune in front of the Elite of the va’a. That is more than 2000 local and foreign athletes as well as local and international spectators of the event.

Selections organised by the municipalities

The crews participating in this competition are selected by their municipalities. The latter have until 15 May to provide the LOC with a list of teams who can compete in six possible categories:

  1. V6 Open Women 500m
  2. V6 Open Men 500m
  3. V6 Open Women 1000m
  4. V6 Open Men 1000m
  5. V12 Open Women 500m
  6. V12 Open Men 500m

Each commune can register up to 2 crews per category, but be careful, only one federal licence holder is tolerated per crew.

The municipalities are free to set up the rules for their selection. This is the case of the municipalities of Taiarapu West, Arue, Mahina and Papeete which since March have organised competitions in order to decide between the teams of the priority districts which wish to participate in the event.