Museum visit for World Championship volunteers

On Friday 13 April, the Local Organising Committee organised, in partnership with the Tahiti and Islands Museum, an excursion for its volunteers. Objective: reconnect with his culture to better share it!

First cultural outing of the volunteer program !

About fifty volunteers took part in this outing. The latter is part of the LOC’s desire to place culture at the heart of the World Championships. « Foreign athletes are looking for cultural experiences and we plan to do so during the championships. But it is also important to be able to organize cultural actions with our volunteers. Some had never been to the Museum before ! »  Explains Jean Chicou, president of the committee.

It was with this objective that the LOC met the Ministry of Culture and its services at the end of 2017. Many collaborative actions are in preparation (exhibition, forum, ceremonies…)

The Museum of Tahiti and the Islands offered for the 50 people present a guided tour of its permanent exhibition retracing Polynesian culture. 



Volunteer ambassadors of their culture !

In order to benefit from a qualitative visit, two groups of 25 people are made. A format of visit which allowed the attentive participants to appreciate the explanations of the specialists. It is also an opportunity for volunteers to ask many questions.

The short but intense visit covered many subjects: the origin of the islands and archipelagos, the migrations and the origin of Polynesian ancestors or the importance of certain ancestral objects forming part of Polynesian heritage: ancient canoes, tiki, weapons…, they will be able to share it with the 1600 foreign athletes participating in the 18th IVF Va’a World Sprint Championships


 Yadiana Mariatoa KELLY

“Va’a is more than a sport, it’s part of the culture. It was the means of locomotion of our ancestors that allowed the “nati”, i.e. the link : the connection between the various islands. This release is very timely, because many forget their history. We forget that we have treasures here that remind us of our origins. As mā’ohi living his culture is also knowing his history. A rich history to share!

The voluntary programme: Culture, cohesion and professional integration.

This outing is part of the voluntary programme set up by the LOC, centred around 3 pillars: culture, professional integration and cohesion.

Next dates :

Friday 20 April at IJSPF : CV workshops with Fondation Agir Contre l’Exclusion

Saturday 21 April at the IJSPF: Volleyball and Futsal sports workshops

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