A new participation record !

            The 18th IVF Va’a World Sprint Championships is the event that promises to promote the va’ a and Tahiti internationally ! The event will take place from 19 to 26 July 2018 in Taaone Bay. The LOC (Local Organizing Committee)”Tahiti Va’ a 2018″ announces at the beginning of this year an historic participation.

Global participation.

            Since its creation, the LOC has been acting to place va’ a on the international scene. A new strategy has been put in place.Representatives of the LOC travelled to many countries to encourage countries to participate. This strategy is a success. As of 2017, the 1st IVF Va’a World Distance Championshipsrecorded an unequalled and unique participation of 33 delegations and 5 continents for an official competition.

On 2018, participation is similar to 2017 with 33 delegations, but the record is broken for the number of athletes. On February 1,2018, the International Va’a Federation announced 2288 registrations! 151 athletes and 8 delegations more than in Australia in 2016

Here is the distribution of paddlers for 2018

  • OCEANIA:16 delegations – 1966 athletesAustralia (244), Cook Islands (34), Guam (27), Hawaii (300), Niue (6), New Zealand (81), New Caledonia (81), New Zealand (456), Norfolk (1), Papua New Guinea (48), Samoa (4), Samoa (6), Tahiti (633), Tonga (12), Wallis and Futuna (84), Fiji (2), Rapa Nui (28)
  • CENTRAL AND NORTH AMERICA: 6 delegations – 172 athletesCanada (57), West Coast – USA (1), Panama (1), California – USA (50), Pacific North-West – USA (62), Mexico (1)
  • SOUTH AMERICA:4 delegations – 106 athletes,Argentina (3), Brazil (99), Peru (3), Venezuela (1)
  • EUROPE:4 delegations – 30 athletes, Austria (1), Great Britain (25), Switzerland (1), Germany (3)
  • ASIA:2 delegations – 13 athletes, Hong Kong (1), Japan (12)
  • AFRICA:1 delegation – 1 athlete, Morocco (1)

A large number of foreign delegations

Oceania’s supremacy.

Ready to put all chances on their side, the Tahitian Va’a Federation has registered the biggest delegation with 633 athletes! Then followed the other Oceania delegations, which for several years now have shown their great interest in va’ a: New Zealand (456), Hawaii (300), Australia (244) and New Caledonia (81).

The American continent is represented.

The International Va’ a Federation is composed of regional federation. This explains why a country like the United States can register 3 delegations (California, Pacific North West and West Coast) so they will be 123 from the USA to move to Tahiti. A remarkable participation is also expected from South America. Indeed, Brazil has registered a delegation of 99 paddlers whereas there were only about ten in 2016.

Participation of Paras Athletes.

            The world championships allow the LOC and Tahiti to promote parava’ a. In 2017,123 para-athletes had participated in the 1stVa’a World Distance Championships. The last participation record for para-athletes for an IVF event was 34 para-athletes. For 2018,82 crews of v1, v6 and v12 will compete in parava’ a. 15 world titles one the line !

The competition between all these delegations promises to offer an exceptional show to the public. Everything is set up to welcome these paddlers and make them live an unforgettable experience.