The Official Village

In 2017, to better assis the  900 visitors (athletes and officials) from the 20 targeted countries, the LOC provides 4 types of accommodation :

  • the official village set up as the school city of Taaone – 600 beds
  • three official hotels – 200 beds
  • five boarding houses – 50 beds
  • the Institute of Youth and Sports – 100 beds

As the main accommodation centre, the school city of Taaone will also cater for all the 900 participants.

The athletes ‘village will benefit from several services specifically set up to make the stay of our guest more enjoyable : wi-fi, cinema, shops….

The convenient location of the village, situated 200 meters from the competition venu, is the primary reason for the LOC to implement suc an organization.

The LOC warmly thanks Ms Nicole Fareata Sanquer, Minister of Education, for her strong  support in making this happen.

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