Main Dates

01/08/2017 : Online IVF registration opens. Online IVF registration opens. Submit exemption for therapeutic use.

01/09/2017 : Welcome program opens at the reservation 

01/11/2017 : Members enter the team they will have at the event. No paddler name is required at the moment. The number of paddles must be given.

15/11/2017 :

  • Payment FIV : 50% of registration fee


  • Payment of the welcoming program : 50% of registration fee

01/03/2018: All paddlers has to be registered in the members list.


  • Payment FIV: Discount >> Adding entries or change the paddlers list leads to $100 USD delay tax per entry change after this deadline
  • Payment of the welcoming program : Discount >> Penalties for each late payment (no refund) 


Payment FIV : Penalties for late registering of paddlers. Adding a paddler in the member list after this deadline cause $100 USD tax. 

30/03/2018 : An inspection per paddler must be completed

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18 th Va’a World Sprint Championships

16 JULY – 26 JULY 2018, TAHITI


Training : 16, 17 and 18 July

Competition : 19 – 26 July 


(The schedule by Country will be communicated before the competition)


Note: This Schedule is draft and may change depending on final entries.

Monday 16thTrainning
Thuesday 17thTrainning
Wednesday 18thTrainning 
Thursday 19thElite racing V6 & V12
Para Va’a racing
Friday 20th Elite racing V6 & V12
Para Va’a racing
Saturday 21stClub & Elite V1 racing 
Sunday 22ndClub& Elite V1 racing
Monday 23rdClub& Elite V1 racing
Tuesday 24thClub & Elite V1racing
Wednesday 25thClub& Elite V1 racing
Thursday 26thClub racing &
closing ceremony


Need to know

Registration :

Registration for the 18th edition of the Va’a World Sprint Championships is made only through your Area Coordinator: 

Here the list of CAs by country:

After contacting your Area coordinator, he will be in charge of registering with the IFV.

The registration of participating countries to the Va’a World Sprint Championships of the IFV 2018 in good time, is a important for the LOC for provide the best service to all athletes and officials.







Only the official suppliers of the world championships hold the exclusive right to use the official logo : Kalea Design.




Except official sponsors, the other sponsors cannot be visible

during : 

– comptetitions ( exemple : tenue, rame, va’a…) 
– awards ( exemple : T-shirt, casquette) 

Only equipment’s brand ( exemple : Nike, Adidas, etc.) can be visible in small size (20 cm 2)

Delegations and partners can’t use and print the logo.






Hygiene and safety measures



Warning ! Presence of virus transmitted by mosquitoes

Presence of the following viruses in French Polynesia:

  • Dengue 1 (no case of dengue 2 enumerated)
  • chikungunya
  • Zika

In the strategy of protection against vectors, repellents are strongly advised.



Vaccination against the yellow fever virus is required from people coming from:

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Panama
  • peru
  • Venezuela
  • Guyana

The vaccine must be made at least 10 days before the departure of the persons.



Major Partners




Official Suppliers



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