The individual Va’a (outrigger canoe) called « Te Aito » was first organized in 1988 by Charley Maitere and Mara Aitamai, with the collaboration of the sport association « Tamarii CPS ». 

Since the creation of the « AS Ruahatu » in 1990 the event has been organized by this club.

Athletes’ participation has progressed as follow :
• 1988 : 88 athletes (1st edition)
• 2016 : 1001 athletes (29th edition)

Foreign athletes’ participation has progressed as follow :
• 2009 : 5 first registrations
o 1 country represented – NZ
• 2016 : 85 foreign athletes
o 13 countries represented 

Key figures set the TE AITO as :
• Biggest V1 race in the world
• 2nd most important event in French Polynesia along with Hawaiiki Nui Va’a

Va’a races are open to everyone, living in French Polynesia or not, holding a membership card from the FTV or a medical certificate indicating there is no contraindication to practice a sport (Law of the land).

The 2017 edition will celebrate the 30th anniversary of this Va’a event dedicated to V1.

To this regard, the rules and regulations of the event are defined as follow :

1.Parties obligations

1.1 Organizing committee

The organizing committee commits to respect to the letter its obligations’ regarding the participant, athlete or volunteer, as defined in the official documentation.

1.2 Athlete or official

When enrolling in a trial, all participants commit to : 
• Respect to the letter the rules and regulations defined in official documentation and available in the official communication mediums 
• Respect to the letter instructions and decisions made by the organizaing committee 
• Concede in exclusivity to the organizing committee, céder exclusivement à l’organisation, within the scope of the event, the use, without remuneration of any kind, of its name, voice, image and those of its sponsors/suppliers present on all media materials (poster, picture, movie…) used in Tahiti and worldwide, without time limit (cf APPENDIX 1)
Grant to the organizing committee the right to use the special activity of video transmission with the help of a flying machine of its choice within the scoop of aplicable regulation in this regard (drones’ use cf APPENDIX 2)

In addition, athletes who qualified in the first 3 ranks in the JUNIORS 19 and OPEN categories of TE AITO and SUPER AITO, commit the following year to :

Participate by invitation from the organizing committee to 2 press conferences organized before the TE AITO, provided that the organizing committee communicate the date, hour and place 30 calendar days before the ceremonies
Participate by invitation from the organizing committee, to the V1 races organized in Moorea (COCO BEACH) and Rangiroa (MATATINI RACE), being known that the organizing committee take charge of travel and lodging fees
Participate by invitation from the organizing committee to a 2-days shooting session designed to promote TE AITO Events by-products. 


Official race calendar is set as follow :

Friday June 23rdSaturday June 24thSunday June 25th
8.00Para Va’a9.00Men Master 409.00V3 Festival
  9.00Men Master 509.00V3 Festival
  9.00Men Master 609.00V3 Festival
    12.00Youth Men 19
13.00Kids U14  12.00Youth Men 16
13.10Kids U1212.00Open Men12.05Youth Girl 19
13.20Kids 10  12.05Youth Girl 16
14.00Women Open    
14.00Women Master 40    
14.00Women Master 50    
14.00Women Master 60    

Athletes are requested to make arrangements to be present at the handing in of official outfits and their ID number (stickers).
Non-attendance without accepted explanation will conclude to the immediate exclusion from the race.


Given the unavailability of the venue at pointe Venus due to construction works undertaken by the Minister of Tourism, the TE AITO race venue is transferred to Aorai Tini Hau Pirae city for the 2017 edition.

In 2018, TE AITO will take place at pointe Venus, Mahina city.


4.1 Period : Registration opening

Registration is open from February 2017 until May 31st, 2017.

The organing committee is authorized to depart from this period aforementioned in case of force majeur or in the interest of development prospects of the event.

4.2 Prices

Prices are defined as follow :
2500 XPF / 21 per athlete for « Kids »
5000 XPF / 42 per athlete for « Juniors » ; « Para Va’a »
6000 XPF / 52 per athlete for « Open » ; « Masters »

Financial participation includes the « Package TE AITO »
One official outfit: one cap & one T-shirt
Insurance coverage
One meal & one drink
2 Va’a race number stickers
1 official wristband
Rewards, if the person concerned is part of the laureates in its category and is present at the official awards ceremony.

Registration fee is not refundable.

4.3 Particular arrangement : « Va’a Package »

All Polynesian athletes are invited to participate in welcoming foreign paddlers.
To this end, the lending fee of a Va’a (the day before and the day of the race) will be of 10 000 XPF / 84 .

4.4 Terms and conditions

Online registration
Registration can be done online on the website « », under the section « Te Aito Events ».

Computers will be available at Va’a Factory, Va’a Connection et Kalea Va’a shops.

4.5 Useful Information

In addition to its identity, the contender commit to give the following information:

Email address
Phone number
FTV Membership number (copy requested)
Name of Club
Brand of the Va’a
Brand of the paddle
Brand of energy products
T-shirt size (S M L XL XXL XXXL)
Shorts size


Athletes will be registered in one of the 17 races sorted as below:

KIDS : 3 categories
o Under 14 mixte (Over 13 14 y.o)
o Under 12mixte (Over 11 12 y.o)
o Under 10 mixte (Over 9 10 ans y.o)

JUNIORS: 4 categories
o Women : Junior 16 Junior 19
o Men : Junior 16 Junior 16

OPEN : 2 categories
o Women
o Men

MASTERS : 6 categories
o Women : 40 – 50 – 60
o Men : 40 – 50 – 60

PARA VA’A : 2 categories
o Women
o Men

A special ranking for the best Polynesian athletes coming from outside of Tahiti in the « OPEN Men » categorie will be done including rewards.

Official ranking including awards will be done with a minimum of 5 athletes registered.

Categories will be definitively closed 30 days before the event.  


Race course

The water field is delimited between Pirae and Mahina. It is available on the Facebook page Te Aito Events.

Distances to race vary according to the categories:
2 to 3KM : KIDS
24 KM : OPEN

Failure to respect the race course lead to a 15 minutes penalty for infringement.


6.1 Timing

The official race calendar specifies the start time of each race.

For each race, « countdown » is as follow :
30 minutes before
o Sound signal
o Va’a set up on the beach
15 minutes
o Sound signal
o All contenders set up
5 minutes
o Sound signal
Start is given when the « official music » starts

On the beach, a mark will identify the start line that must not be crossed before the according start signal.

6.2 Pole position

Athletes who arrived within the first 100 positions at the 2016 edition beneficial from a privileged position called pole position. 

6.3 « Maeva » positions

Likewise, foreign athletes beneficiate from a reserved space for on one hand, minimize damage risk on loaned canoe, and on the other hand enable visitors to finish the race.

The finish line is located on the beach of Taaone and marked by a corridor delimited by distinct signs.

The 5 first athletes of each race are required to go directly to the media zone within which they will be crowned and interviewed by the media.

The Va’a catching on another Va’a in front must maneuver to avoid collision. The Va’a in front must under no circonstances deviate from its trajectory.

Every unsporting action, intentional or not, lead to a 15 minutes penalty. At the discretion fo the jurisdictional committees, it can lead to immediate exclusion.

1. « Escort »
It is strictly forbidden for any athlete to be followed by an ESCORT boat, under the penalty of immediate exclusion from the race for the concerned athlete.

2. Race directors & First-aiders & Médias
On the occasion of the races, 8 boats are autorized to circulate on the entire course :
Race directors (1 & 2)
Security (17 boats)
TV Media (1 & 2)
Other Media (1 & 2)
First Aid (1 boat)
In addition to the official boats, « Water Patrol » JET SKI are also allowed to intervene on the entire course.

3. Specific media measures
In order to guarantee optimal promotion of the event, 2 boats are designated to TV media and permitted to come close to the athletes and follow them securing a 15 meters distance, at a rate of 1 minute maximum per « approach / touch » and 5 touches maximum per paddler. An official is designated to control these specific measures will be assigning to each boat.

One (1) boat is assigned to photographers.
Offshore, it will be allowed to come nearer to the athletes in static position.
The boat’s approach and moving back must be done so ripples are minimized.


1. Zone
An exclusive supplies zone is clearly identified on the race course. Any supplies outside of this exclusive zone is strictly forbidden.

Failure to respect this measure will lead to a 15 minutes penalty for each infringement duly notified by the organizing committee.

2. Products
An athlete is authorized to consume the «energy » product of his/her choice.

However, in the supplies zone, only products from the organizing committee (EAU ROYALE & POWERADE) are available to the athletes.

Va’a ID number

Every Va’a will be given an ID number written on 2 stickers and one wristband numbered, provided in the « TE AITO Package».

It is forbidden to any athlete to take part in the race with an unidentified Va’a.

Every Va’a which will arrive on the beach with ID number will lead to the disqualification of the athlete on the general ranking.

Every paddler who will cross the finish line without the official wristband will be disqualified.

Race equipment

Va’a Hoe (V1) is made of wood or plastic or composite material. It must permit navigation high seas and resist to important swell.

It must be composed of an outrigger and a pair of “iato” and must be equiped with a tarp.
The bilge pump and self-bailing are allowed.
The athlete is allowed to take part in the race with a spare paddle and bailer.
The organizing committee has the right to forbid the use of any equipment it deems detrimentally to the good proceeding of the race and the integrity of the result, given that the use of a drift is strictly forbidden.


 Polynesian athletes from outside of Tahiti beneficiate from a welcoming package set up as follow :

Stay organization

  • Land transport
    • Shuttles : Airport – Accomodation center – Competition venue – Airport
  • Accomodation center
    • With mattress (Sheet, pillow and blanket brought by the athlete)
  • Food service
    • Breakfast ; Lunch ; Diner

Va’a Park

A Va’a park will be set up in order to allow athletes to send their canoe to Tahiti and store them in a secured place.


Are eligible to this « Hospitality » Package all athletes residing :

  • Other islands, including Moorea
  • Taiarapu Est & Taiarapu West


The Dispositif Prévisionnel de Secours (DPS) is set in place to the minimum as follow :

Security at sea

  • 20 boats
    • 2 race directors / 2 boats dispatched per zone
    • 17 official boats from which 6 have qualified and certified first aiders ready to intervene at any moment
    • 1 boat from the Fédération Polynésienne de Protection Civile
  • 6 JET SKI which drivers are certified to conduct fast intervenations

Security on land

  • Advanced medical post with one physician ; 1 certified nurse (IDE) ; 4 first aiders

 Moreover, the organizing committee is currently working on the publication of a decree from the Ministers’ counsel regarding the organisation and regulations of maritime navigation dedicated to TE AITO Events.


Signage system

Event sponsors’ are :

  • Institutional sponsors
    • French Polynesia
  • GOLD sponsors
    • Powerade – OPT – Air Tahiti Nui – Sin Tung Hing
  • SILVER sponsors
    • Air Tahiti – Ford – Barilla – X Acconage / Banque
  • BRONZE sponsors
    • STC Nutrition – EDT – Viper Va’a – X
  • Official media
    • TNTV (official broadcaster) – Tahiti Infos – Radio 1 – Vohi Production

* All display, by an athlete or an official, of logo(s) of rival brands to the official sponsors of the organizing committee is strictly forbidden on the race venue and the water field, as well as on personal or official outfits and on the Va’a.

* Every athlete is allowed to show on his/her Va’a, logos of 2 of hi/her own sponsors given they respect the rules set by the organizing committe (size and position on the Va’a – cf ANNEXE 1).

Failure to respect the mentioned system will lead to the immediate exclusion of the athlete, without any resort possible and without refund of hi/her registration, the athlete keeping the benefits of « TE AITO Package».

Offical outfit

The mandatory official outfit is the one provided by the organizing committee, without alteration. Failure to respect this rule lead to immediate exclusion.

Every athlete without the official outfit won’t take the start of the race.

Fan Zone

An entertainment space with commercial mission too will be organized on the competition venue in order to :

  • Welcome athletes to hand over Accueillir Te Aito Packages
  • Welcome, direct and feed the public
  • Promote actors in the Va’a industry and commercialize their products
  • Offer to the public various entertainment activities
  • Offer to the public Live TV & Live Streaming on big screen

Celebrate the 2017 edition AITO


Official ceremonies
3 types of ceremonies

Three types of official ceremonies are planned.
o Press conference
o « Barilla Pasta Party »
o AWARD Ceremonies
Mandatory attendance
All athletes must attend the « Barilla Pasta Party ».
All athletes must attend the awards ceremony of hi/her race.
Non-attendance of a laureate at the awards ceremony
All laureate must show 30 minutes before the awards ceremony at the « first four », a space dedicated to winners of races before ceremonies.
Late arrival at the « first four » leads to a 10 000 XPF penalty.
Non-attendance to the awards ceremony leads for the athlete at fault the loss of :
His/her place in the general ranking
The totality of financial gains
The right to participate in the next 3 editions 


Official mediums of communication
The official mediums of communication are :
The WEBsite :
TE AITO Events Facebook page

The information published on Vohi and Va’a News Facebook pages.

[email protected]

Phone numbers:
Charley Maitere : 87 203 166
Reynald Temarii : 87 768 049
Tautiare Kelly : 87 20 18 12


In order to guarantee high quality coverage, the organizing committee has made a partnership with TNTV to set up Direct TV (OPEN Men Race) and Live STREAMING (Open & Masters – Men & Women Races), Saturday June 24th.

The reception plan will be made up of :

  • 3 camera on water field
  • 3 camera on land
  • 1 WESCAM on helicopter (Open Men Race)


Total value of rewards is 2.500.000 XPF.

They are entirely allocated to athletes.


  1. Races

Total value of rewards allocated to races is 2.000.000 XPF and divided as follows :

  • Financial allocation : 1.000.000 XPF
  • Allocation in kind : 1.000.000 XPF

Premium distribution is shown in the following chart :

RankingJuniors 19OpenIlesPara Va’a 
1st100 000  100 000  200 000  100 000  Air Tahiti  65 000  Paddle25 000   
2nd50 000  50 000  100 000  50 000  Air Tahiti  60 000  Paddle25 000   
3rd30 000  30 000  30 000  30 000  Air Tahiti  60 000                     10 000   
4th10 000  10 000  10 000  10 000                                 10 000                     10 000   
5th10 000  10 000  10 000  10 000                                 10 000                     10 000   
6th – 10thInvitation for the 2018 edition / Value 5000 (juniors) to 6000 XPF (Others) per person 
S/ TOTAL220 000  220 000  400 000  225 000                               200 000                   105 000   
                                                                                                                                                       1 370 000   
RankingMaster 40Master 50Master 60Observation 
MenWomenMenWomenMenWomenPaddle value 25000 XPF 
4th au 10thInvitation for the 2018 edition / 6000 XPF (Others) par personne 
S/ TOTAL105 000  105 000  105 000  105 000  105 000  105 000   
                                                                                                                                                        630 000   
  1. Random draw

To make sure all participating athletes receive a reward, the organizing committee is organizing a random draw to reward the one whose ID number has been drawed.

Attendance of the winner is mandatory to receive his/her price. Failure to attend, the random draw is done once more, and until the number drawed belongs to an athlete present.

Total value of rewards in kind is 500.000 XPF and divided as follow :

V1 KIDSV1 all participating athletes
V1 Value                                                   100 000  V1 carbone Value                                         400 000  
S/ TOTAL                                                                                                                                                      500 000  

Super Aito Qualification

Are qualified for the Super Aito :

  • 100 first in the Open Men ranking
  • 20 first in the Junior 19 Men ranking
  • 20 first in the Masters 40 Men ranking
  • 20 first in the Masters 50 Men ranking

At the end of the Super Aito race, there will be a unique general ranking, with no category distinction.

Year N + 1 Pacific Tour Qualification

Are qualified for the « TE AITO Pacific Tour », the first in ranking in 4 TE AITO race, in the following categories :

  • Junior 19 – Men & Women
  • Open – Men & Women



An athlete who paid his/her entry is the sole person able to make a claim on the quality of the organization or on a « race event » likely to affect the good proceedings of the competition and the integrity of the result.

To evaluate potential claims, the organizing committee set in place 2 committees :

  • Disciplinary committee (CD) – 1st jurisdictional autority
  • Appeal committee (CA) – 2nd et last jurisdictional autority


  1. a) All claim must be expressed verbally to the organizing committee secretary office clearly identified on the venue. CD seizin is free of charge.
  2. b) The disciplinary committee is required to hear before any decision making :
  • The athlete or his/her representative
  • Any person it deems useful to solicit

As part of the evaluation of the case, the CD is allowed to use any proof available likely to influence its decision.

c) The decision of the disciplinary committee is anounced verbally to the concerned person at the end of a meeting organized to evaluate his/her claim

d) The disciplinary committee decision can be subject to an appeal made to the appeal committee. The seizin is done verbally to the organizing committee secretary along with a payment of 5000 XPF.

e) The appeal committee is required to hear before any decision making :

  • The athlete or his/her representative
  • The disciplinary committee President or his/her representative
  • Any person it deems useful to solicit

As part of the evaluation of the case, the CA is allowed to use any proof available likely to influence its decision.

f) The decision of the appeal committee is anounced verbally to the concerned person at the end of a meeting organized to evaluate his/her claim

Irrevocable decision of the appeal committee (CA)

Decisions of the CA are final.