Over the past 30 years (1988 to 2017), the Te Aito has been summarized in races organized over a weekend.


The 2018 edition will take on a new form. Indeed, the Te Aito Tour will be organized in 5 stages according to the following calendar:

•      Raiatea : May,18, 19

•      Bora Bora : May 20, 21

•      Moorea : June 09,10

•      Rangiroa : June 13, 14

•      Tahiti : June 15 to 18


Te Aito Events, the company in charge of the event will rely on the following partners to guarantee the success of these stages:

  • Doris HART, President of the Va’a District of Raiatea
  • Daniel TAEA, President of the Va’a District of Bora Bora
  • Mrs Sonia VILLIERME, President of AS I Mua Nui (Moorea)
  • Joseph TETUA, President of AS Tepaetia (Rangiroa)

The Tahitian Federation of Va’a (FTV) will also be associated with the concept of the event and the organization of the event. The same will apply to the va’a district of Moorea represented by its president, Mr. Camille PAUTEHEA.

2020 Goals

The above-mentioned cooperation agreements are established for a first cycle of 3 years (2018 to 2020) in order to build a solid project over time.

However, the organizers aim to boost participation as follows:

  • 2000 registered athletes
  • 4000 visitors in the fan zone

For comparison, the 2016 edition of Te Aito mobilized 1000 athletes and 2000 visitors.

General ranking

Any athlete who has participated in at least 3 stages will be named in the official ranking. The allocation of points will be linked to the ranking obtained at each stage and the aggregation of these points will determine the place of the person concerned in the overall classification.

An athlete who has participated in 4 or 5 stages will be ranked on the basis of his 3 best performances.


Sonia POROI : [email protected]

Doris HART : [email protected]

Daniel TAEA : [email protected]

Joseph TETUA : [email protected]

Mara AITAMAI : [email protected]

Charley MAITERE : [email protected]

Reynald TEMARII : [email protected]

Noelline PARKER : [email protected]