More than 120 world organizations are assimilated to international sports federations. One of them carries a Tahitian word:

  • International Federation of Va’a (IVF)

On October 12, 2016, the FIV congress validated the COL’s proposal to create in 2020 the

TE AITO World Tour. The first sketch of the concept of this new world event draws a World Tour with a maximum of 8 stages in 8 different countries.

Key Numbers

8 final destinations – 700 millions inhabitants

USA319 millionsBrazil200 millions
Japon127 millionsFrance66 millions
Maroc33 millionsAustralia23 millions
N. Zelande5 millionsTahiti Nui0,27 millions



The timetable for the implementation of the project is as follows:


ConceptionProspection PartnersOfficiel Launch

Edition N°1 & 2

Designation of the host cities4 host cities6 host cities8 host cities 

Such a project has three key objectives:

  • Develop Va’a in the World (Countries & Athletes)
  • Sell your destination: Tahiti and its islands
  • Boost exports of Va’a – Made In Tahiti products: Va’a, oars, Iato, …

See you in 2020.