Te Aito is the most important individual va’a race in Polynesia. Last year it gathered more than 1000 paddlers ! It is the second major race right after Hawaiki Nui Va’a.  

For its 30th edition, as part of the IVF Va’a World Distance Championships festivities, the event will last 3 days ! From the 23rd to the 25th of June, live the Te Aito Events experience. 


There will be 16 official races for the Te Aito events, but also a Va’a Festival and many activities on the Fan zone. 

23 JuinVA’A FESTIVAL – V6 
 Para va’a7 am
School 8 am
 Coroporate11 am
 Kids U102 pm
 Kids U12 
 Kids U14 
 Open Women8:30 am
 Master 40 Women 
 Master 50 Women 
 Master 60 Women 
 Para va’a Women 
  Master 40 Men 9:00 am
 Master 50 Men 
 Master 60 Men 
 Para va’a Men 
 Open men12:30 pm
25 JuinVAA FESTIVAL V3- V6 09:00 am
 (Program to be confirmed) 
 Junior U16 Women 13:00 pm
 Junior U19 Women 
  Junior U16 Men 
  Junior U19 Men 


3 routes :

Kids races
3 to 8 km

Juniors, Femmes and Masters catégories
15 km

Open Men
25 km


Registration fees : 

  • 21 euros for Kids  categories ( U10, U12 & U14)
  • 42 euros for Juniors ( U16 &  U19 ) & Para va’a
  • 52 euros for Open et Master ( 40, 50 et 60 )


Va’a for International participants

The LOC will provide V1 to be rented to all international participants registered  through its channel in due respect of the number of va’a available upon request :

  • A total of 50 V1 to be rented for the races on Saturday morning : Open Women, Master 40 Women , Master 50 Women, Master 60 Women, Para va’a, Master 40 Men, Master 50 Men et Master 60 Men 
  • A total of 50 V1 for the Open Men race on Saturday afternoon
  • A total of 50 V1 for the races of Sunday afternoon : Junior U 16 Women, Junior U 19 Women, Junior U 16 Men, Junior U 19 Men

Rent cost  : 42€