Beyond the competition, the LOC since its inception has included the va’a in a societal dynamic. Thus, the committee initiates and supports projects that put the va’a at the heart of projects for social inclusion, cohesion or cultural sharing.

``Va'a No Te Ora`` the program of solidarity of the championships

Since 2015, the LOC has initiated a solidarity program called “Va’a No Te Ora”, which aims to give everyone the opportunity to do Va’a. At the heart of this project are two often forgotten audiences, priority neighborhoods and para-athletes. Reconnecting with sport, forging links with others, are all levers to fight exclusion.

``Row for your health``

The organization supports the « Row for your health » project, initiated by Vohi-video and the Social Welfare Fund. This program, designed to combat obesity within companies, enables its beneficiaries to reconnect with regular sports activities, thanks to daily training sessions.

The ``Tu'aro Ma'ohi`` of the districts of Pirae

Since 2012, the « Heiva Tu’aro Ma’ohi » of the districts of Pirae organized by the town hall of Pirae is held in partnership with its neighborhood associations. The objective of this event is to safeguard ancestral sports while promoting the cohesion of the population. Very concerned by this action in the districts of Pirae, the Local Organizing Committee gives its support to the project by making available its pirogues for the va’a activity.

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