Faa’a International Airport, on Tahiti, is the only international airport in French Polynesia. There is no departure tax within French Polynesia.

The international airport is situated on Papeete’s outskirts , 5 km west from the capital.

Air Tahiti Nui is the national & official carrier of the IVF Va’a World Championships, connecting French Polynesia internationally to France, the USA, Japan and New Zealand.

Illustration courtesy of Tahiti Tourisme
Illustration courtesy of Tahiti Tourisme

From Asia

Air Tahiti Nui operates flights between Japan (Narita/Tokyo) and Papeete.

This is often the cheapest connection to other parts of Asia, although it can be quicker to go via Australia or New Zealand

Tokyo, JapanAir Tahiti Nui2 weekly flights

From Europe

Air France and Air Tahiti Nui have flights to Papeete via Los Angeles; Air New Zealand also runs some of these flights with a code share with Air Tahiti Nui

Paris, FranceAir Tahiti Nui7 weekly flights

From other destinations in Europe the easiest option is to travel to one of these cities and connect with flights to Papeete.

From North America

Coming from the USA you can either fly direct from Los Angeles to Papeeete or go via Honolulu

Air New Zealand and Qantas do a code share with Air Tahiti Nui on this route, and Air France and Air Tahiti Nui flights from Paris to Papeete go via Los Angeles.
There are no direct flights from Canada, so you will need to go via Honolulu or the US West Coast.

Los Angeles, CaliforniaAir Tahiti NuiOne daily flight minimum

From the Pacific

All flights from Australia to Papeete are via Auckland. In Auckland, Qantas Airways flights connect with Air Tahiti Nui.

For Pacific islands other than those listed below, you’ll have to connect with flights from Hawaii, Raratonga, Noumea or Auckland.

NoumeaAir CalinOne weekly flight
Easter IslandLaTam AirlinesOne flight per week, continuing on to Santiago, Chile
Honolulu, HawaiiHawaiian AirlinesOne weekly flight, with many US mainland and other Pacific islands & Asia
RarotongaAir TahitiOne weekly flight
AucklandAir Tahiti Nui3 weekly flights

From the South America

LanTam Airlines operates one flight a week between Santiago and Papeete with a stopover on Easter Island.