Since 2015 the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) has developed a solidarity program, Va’a No Te Ora, to use va’a as a tool for social cohesion.

In its early days, the project involved two often-forgotten audiences, priority neighborhoods and para-athletes. Since 2017, employees have made their entrance into the program as part of the promotion of health in companies via the CPS challenge.

On a daily basis, Va’a sessions are organized for these audiences. We encourage them to reconnect with the love of sport while building relationships with others. So many tools to fight against exclusion.


The Va’a No Te Ora Solidarity Program, sponsored by the Engie Foundation and supported by the City Contract, is an initiative of the Local Organizing Committee of the 2017 and 2018 Va’a World Championships.

As part of this program, the LOC carries out solidarity actions in favor of:

Priority neighborhoods
Para athletes
Health through the practice of va’a

Actions in favor of priority neighborhoods

Volunteer Program

On the occasion of the 1st va’a marathon world championships, 200 volunteers, including 150 from Pirae’s priority neighborhoods, contributed to the smooth running of the event.

Some of them stood out for their investments in associations and were able to join the LOC on government sponsoring contracts.
For the 18 th Va’a World Sprint Championships, nearly 250 volunteers are expected (team of the LOC and mission agents included) to ensure the smooth running of the event.

The volunteers will be organized into several departments and will have the opportunity to develop skills related to customer services, animation, first aid, teamwork and organization.

To do this and also to prepare their future professional career, several courses are offered.


Beyond the competition, the LOC wants to be able to promote its volunteers and offer them a useful background for their post-event professional integration.

Between 2016 and 2017, 114 training courses were offered by the LOC. These allowed 105 volunteers to graduate.

  • Coastal license: 3 graduates
  • Initiator Va’a- Level 1: 20 graduates
  • PSC1: 39 graduates
  • BSA: 20 graduates
  • BAFA A1 option Va’a: 23 graduates
  • In 2018, 89 courses are planned for the first semester that aim to consolidate a little more their experiences and enhance their chances of finding a job:
  • Coastal license: 2 places
  • PSC1: two sessions of 20 places
  • BAFA va’a option: 20 A1 level seats and 15 A3 level seats
  • Training initiator va’a Lvl 1: 7 places
  • Security training: 5 places
    In addition to training, the professional integration actions carried out by the LOC will also result in the intervention of professionals in various fields: Face Foundation, RSMA … During Team Buldings.

A CV workshop has been set up to assist them in their job search. In order to know the structure of a typical curriculum, to identify recruiters’ expectations, to express their skills or qualities ….


In order to reinforce the cohesion and motivation within volunteers, the Local Organizing Committee decided to gather these volunteers during “Team Building” days. This English concept aims at strengthening the bonds between team members.

In 2018, and still under the theme of professional integration, teams buldings will be an opportunity for volunteers to develop their team spirit in view of their futur career.

To carry out this project, a partnership has been set up with Face Fondation. Indeed, the foundation offer a course integrating the evaluation, the training and the professional supports of the jobseekers. This course called Job Academy includes among others: CV writing workshops, simulations of job interviews, etc.

Actions for PARA VA'A


The dissolution in 2010 of the Institution for Prevention (EPAP), led to the dormant para va’a in French Polynesia.

Determined to revive this discipline with a enthusiastic public, the COL from its inception, incorporates para va’a in its development project.

In 2016, a dynamic partnership is set up between the LOC and the Polynesian Federation of Adapted Sports and Handisport (FPSAH), supported by its member associations such as:



  • Mobilization of 8 local disabled sports associations
  • Mobilization of + 110 local PARA VA’A athletes (nonexistent or dormant from 2011 to 2016)
  • Organization of the first race open to “mental” disabilities an exhibition race officially recognized by the IVF
  • Record of participation for disabled athletes in an IVF event (123 participants – Former record in Australia 2016 with 34 participants)Following the success of para va’a at the 2017 Championships and with the announcement of the discipline’s entry into the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo, it was necessary for the LOC to ensure continuity of para va sessions. These sessions have resumed on the site of FareVa’a de Pirae, with the aim of re-editing the exhibition race in 2018.


CPS challenge fight against obesity

In April 2017, an agreement between Vohi-Video, the Social Provident Fund and the LOC was signed in order to act on an important issue in society: health in companies. For these 4 months of va’a, 2 sessions per day from Monday to Friday have been planned.

There are also 4 regattas that have been programmed around sporting events, games but also challenges to gain additional points: for example, the number of women and the weight loss of the ambassador earn points.


  • Challenges examples :
    – the “Back to back”: Canoes of two competing teams are attached with a rope and they have to paddle in the opposite direction.
    – Tahoe: The blindfolded peperu is guided by the rest of his team on the va’a.


Major Partners





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