The venue is situated across the main hospital.

IVF anti-doping regulations are based on the anti-doping regulations of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and other internationally recognized authorities.

During the IVF Va’a World Distance Championships, 2017 & 2018, the LOC anti-doping program includes a number of doping controls each year undertaken to ensure clean championships.

In Tahiti, the Youth & Sport Department (Direction de la Jeunesse et des sports) is the official authority to manage and implement the local anti-doping strategy.

Its staff will supervise all anti-doping tests that the LOC has requested and will forward them to Chateau Mallabry in France for analysis.

This doping control will enable the LOC to meet one of its key target: organize clean championships and give credibility to the Va’a family by abiding to international standards.

3 types of medical staff will be on duty during the competition:

  • One supervision doctor on site
  • Lifeguards on the beach and in official boats
  • First aid rescuers

Due to expensive health costs in French Polynesia, all teams must have a valid travel insurance that covers medical and repatriation costs.