The Va’a No Te Ora Solidarity Program, sponsored by the Engie Foundation and supported by the City Contract, is an initiative of the Local Organizing Committee of the Va’a 2017 and 2018 World Championships. COL carries out solidarity actions in favor of two communities that are often neglected: para athletes and priority neighborhoods


As part of the 1st World Va’a Championships Marathon, nearly 250 volunteers, mostly from priority neighborhoods in the City of Pirae. Some of them are noted for their investment in the voluntary sector and have been able to integrate the LOC into assisted control (CAE and CVD).

Support for integration into working life:


In order to enhance the skills of its volunteers, the LOC wished to have them benefit from several training courses: Prevention and Civil Relief Level 1 (PSC1), Aquatic First Aid Certification (BSA), Faculty Aptitude Certificate (BAFA) , Or Coastal Permits. Always in a logic of insertion or reintegration into working life, a CV workshop was set up to accompany them in their job search. Know the structure of a typical curriculum, identify the recruiters’ expectations, express their skills or qualities ….



In order to strengthen cohesion within this group and increase their motivation, the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) decided to bring them together during Team Building days. This English concept literally means “team building” and aims to strengthen the ties between the members of a team.

On the program, sports activities (Va’a, futsal, volleyball), as workshops, CV development and citizenship, were offered to the participants, all animated by the members of the LOC.


Para Va’a

The dissolution in 2010 of the Establishment for Prevention (EPAP) led to the setting aside of para va’a in French Polynesia. Determined to revive this discipline with a requesting public, the COL from its beginnings, integrates the para va’a in its development project.

First steps towards integration

In 2016, a dynamic partnership is established between the LOC and the Polynesian Federation of Adapted Sports and Handisport (FPSAH), supported by its member associations.

Practical sessions of va’a (initiation or training) are organized the same year, with several associations. Sessions addressed to people with a motor handicap but also mental. An approach that will push some to fit in the exhibition race inaugurating the 1st World Championships of Va’a marathon.

Beginning in 2017, the approaching event, a training schedule, is set for the first half of the year. Five sports venues are involved: Pirae, Arue, Faaa, Papeari and Moorea. The activity Para va’a will have gathered over 6 practitioners, grouped in 9 associations over 6 months.

The exhibition race, a historic breakthrough!

The great progress made by the organizing committee resides in the creation of a va’a race for people with mental disabilities. A race, called exhibition, is thus dedicated to them in opening the championships, integrating them for the first time in the history of va’a. To ensure the sustainability of this commitment, the LOC will organize during the event the first international colloquium for the reform of Para Va’a.