After the ethnographic rediscovery by European researchers, it was time for Polynesians to revive the ancient science of canoe making and navigation.
This renaissance touches two very different aspects: first, the traveling canoe with Hokule’a and the outrigger canoe.
In 1975, a Tahitian crew participate for the 1st time in the event and their canoe named Terematai wins the race, in 1976.

It’s also in 1975 that the Piroguiers League (Tahiti) was created, first structuration attempt of this practice which became a popular sport among Tahitians.

In 1976, Hokule’a, the canoe built by the Polynesian Voyaging Society made a symbolic journey from hawaii to Tahiti, the reverse direction of the initial migration.

This cultural event had a strong impact and the Hawaiian experience will be taken over by the Tahitian F.Cowan. In 1985, he realizes the Hawaiki nui a journey in the footsteps of the great migration from Tahiti to Aotearoa or New-Zealand.