Canoe (Te Va’a)

In French Polynesia, there are 5 types of Va’a :

  • The V1 : Va’a Ho’e
  • The V3 : Va’a Toru
  • The V6 : Va’a Ono
  • The V12 : Tauati (2 paired V6)
  • The V16 : Tauati (2 paired V8) used at the tiurai

The paddler

Paddling techniques

The Pine or tura’i (do it often) : Used to speed-up the va’a.

The Huti pa’ari : A wide movement to keep the speed.

The Huti pe’e (to propel, to throw) : The paddler hit the water with his paddle with a fast pace

The Fa’a roa : a « slow » movement who is used for warm-up or recovery

The paddle (Te Hoe)

The handleTe raufau

Straight paddle : Useful and effective for directionnal manœuvre used by the peperu.

Paddle with « S » shape : The handle wich form an « S » improve the reach and allow a wider movement. Perfect when you want to speed things up.

Te rapa : With a « pear » shape it’s the most common paddle. Formerly wider for a slow movement, the paddle has shrunk with the acceleration of the rythm.

V6 : Every positions

  • Fa’ahoro : give the rythm to the team
  • Taurua : help the fa’ahoro keep the rythm
  • Ra’atira tare and Ti’a tura’i : they give the speed of the va’a
  • Ti’a afa’ifa’i : support the pepru in his manœuvre
  • Peperu taura’i : steer the va’a by keeping it’s course