Karyl Maoni,  a legend in the va’a world

Record holder of the most title win in the world sprint championships since 1987 (OC1, OC6). This warior engraved his name in the sport and in Tahiti he’s one of the references.

  • 1988 ; 1990 -2000 ; 2006 ; 2014 : va’a world sprint champion (8 titles)

Hinatea Bernardino, va’a in the genes

From her father’s side, we have some of the most famous paddlers of team Teva, From her mother’s side, her uncle Lewis Laughlin is the record holder for the Te Aito (10 titles). With a legacy like this Hinatea quickly became a famous athlete and a reference in the women’s division with her unrivalled record.

  • Va’a world sprint champion (5 titles, OC1)
  • 1st world marathon champion in the « Open women V1 » (2017)
  • Te Aito (9 titles)

Kevin Céran-Jérusalémy, a promising athlete

Born in Huahine, he won his first race at 11 at the Heiva with his team, Mataeia Va’a. When he came to Tahiti to continue his studies, he quickly rose in the world of va’a.

  • Under-16 world champion
  • 4 times winner of the Te Aito (2014-2017)
  • Winner of the Super Aito (2015)
  • Va’a world marathon champion « Open men V1 » (2017)