A regain of interest for ma’ohi culture took place in the late 60’s leading to the development of the sport.

The evolution of the regulatory framework

The early 80’s  are marked by the desire to structure the va’a: to regulate the races, to standardize the distances, to define the age and canoe categories, to instil a classification of men and women or to mark the corridors in order to avoid clashes at the arrival of competitions. Many rules will then be inspired by Canoe-Kayak regulations. 

The birth of federations

  •  1975: Ligue of Piroguiers by Tutaha Salmon. In 1980 they have more than 50 teams
  •  1980: French Canoe Federation (FCP) by Emile Vernaudon.  There are 49 sports associations, 8000 members divided into 3 territorial leagues: West, East, and the Islands
  •  1981: International Canoe Federation. Composed of French Polynesia, Hawaii and California. It will become the International Va’a Federation.
  •  1984 : Polynesian Canoe Committee (PPC) by Edward Maamaatuaiahutapu, It will become the Polynesian League of Va’a (LPV)
  •  1989 : Tahitian Federation of Va’a (FTV) Resulting from a merger of FCP and LPV